Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pumpkins there not just for Halloween anymore! They are being used for Awareness as well!

Sept 4, 2012 my aunt was diagnosis with Breast cancer. This was a shock to all of us. The following month I happen to see a PIN Post with Pink Pumpkins. So my husband, my kids and myself decided to make our aunt Pink Pumpkins to show awareness during the Month of October!
Being that it was the first time we did it other people saw the pictures of the pumpkins and requested for me to make some.
 I made Pumpkins for a fundraiser and also made for people to place as ornament in their homes as a remembrance of the love ones they lost. It was a great experience! The pumpkins were made with my own money and anything I made from selling the pumpkins I donated that who total to Breast Cancer Walk

This year I have started early, LETS BRING BREAST CANCER AWARENESS OUT with Pumpkins! 
Besides Breast Cancer I am thinking of doing pumpkins with different ribbons of awareness (Autism, Lupus, ADHD, ect...). Stay tune to see how they come out! :-) 

Oh update on my aunt she has received her chemo, radiation and as of last week was told that she is cancer free! She looked Cancer in the face and beat it! 
Now we have an aunt in Puerto Rico who after 14 yrs Breast Cancer free has to deal with the cancer once again and she also is looking it in the face and will beat it with gods grace. 

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