Thursday, October 24, 2013

Guest Post by Paul Smith "Everything’s Possible"

Everything’s possible
Curiously enough, children suffer from a lot of diseases, there’s only one question: why these little creatures sometimes face such terrible diagnoses that even adults do not have. Among all the other diseases that demand surgical intervention, there are disorders, that touch another areas of human being. Autism is one of such statements. Last years this phenomenon is not that rare as it was earlier.
Every parent wishes only best for his children, but sometimes it is not in our might to change something. Though there are a lot of ways to try to make the state of a child with autism better, new methods to improve it appear.
Autism affects neutral development, thus a child has drugged reactions or behavior, does not start speaking as the average children do. But still, the parents do not lose hope and do what they might in such a situation.
I have read a big amount of stories of parents relating about their children’s disorders, and I must admit, nowadays autism is a really big problem among children. Though there are measures taken to improve children’s disorders, parents are not always aware of the better ways of treatment.
What parent would like to see his child repelling him? None. Autistic children have no real fear of danger, and it scares a lot, as they may be harmed by anything or anyone. Parents with the autistic children should have a great exposure to go through the therapy with the child and see he is improving. As it will take time to cope with that.
While there are such posts on Internet and the comments of people who experienced that, it is a little easier to find a way to help your child. As a rule, the therapy includes the exercises directed on the emergence of speech and evocation of emotions. Now there a lot of innovations in this area. And one of them is the computer therapy. It means, children are shown their favorite cartoons or videos, TV-program's. On watching them systematically, children start repeating the moves they see, and speak the words they hear. It is a big progress in treating autistic children. With such method they progress better, and what is much more important, they do all the actions and behave without any instructions, by their own. It’s incredible!
The problems of autistic children are supposed to increase in their amount till the 2022. If now statistics shows that we have one autistic child of eighty eight, till 2022 this number will be one of nine(!) children. Of course, in the epoch of high technologies and great intellectual personalities, we can have hopes that the autism problems will be not as fearful in ten years as it seems now. As we know, the families with such children have a higher rate of divorces… I hope, in future we will change it. All such families need is patience and mutual understanding. Children are our everything, let’s make their life happy and give them a great childhood. Everything’s possible!

About the author: Paul Smith is a professional writer who assists students when they need a professional help. He is an experienced author, who is interested in writing about business and social media.

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