Saturday, August 24, 2013

SARAH'S WORLD GUEST POSTING: Please read and share!!! Thank You!!!

Written By Sarah Hernandez
Sarah’s World, will be hosting fundraisers for the next few months for two very special people in my family. 
The first my brother, Isaac Candelario who was wrongfully convicted to 8 years in prison for abusing his back than 4 month old daughter. My brother is nothing, but a loving and caring father who is sick to his stomach for what he is going through.
The second very special person is my niece, Isanna. Isanna was born with a medical condition called External hydrocephalus. External hydrocephalus (EH) is a condition in which infants with rapidly enlarging heads are found to have a CT scan that shows widening of the subarachnoid space with mild or no ventricular dilation. Due to this Diagnosis authorities assumed that she was a victim of SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome).
Shaken Baby Syndrome is a serious syndrome, there are a lot of people being wrongfully accused of SBS. Out of 100% of people who are accused 5% of cases are "Wrongfully" accused and my brother Isaac fell into that percentage. After learning the facts of so many wrongfully accused I am determined to raise awareness about the misdiagnosis of Shaken Baby Syndrome .

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Isaac Candelario was falsely accused and wrongfully convicted of abuse due to undiagnosed medical conditions in his 4 month old daughter.  Isaac needs a good private attorney with experience in the appeal's process!! Please support him in his effort to appeal the court's decision by donating today!


Written by Sarah Hernandez,


*This blog is not profiting from this guest post in anyway. Nor is this blog connected to any justice project. This is a Guest posting that was sent to me and I agreed to post. Please go to the top links if you wish to know anymore information, thank you!

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