Thursday, April 18, 2013

10 Important Lessons We Could All Learn from Toddlers

Maybe they can’t tie their shoes or differentiate between a car and a gorilla, but toddlers have a lot more going on intellectually than they’d have you believe. Yes, even if they make a habit of sticking their hand in their diaper after a poop.
In fact, adults would be wise to take a few pages out of a toddler’s book. (It’s no coincidence, by the way, that the pages in their books are indestructible.)
Here are 10 important lessons we could all learn from toddlers:

Lessons from Toddlers

They're not nearly as dumb as they look.

Might as Well Laugh at Your Own Farts

Your farts are funny.
Then again, pretty much everything you do is funny.
You're welcome.

Everything is Better if it's Applesauce

Hold the cinnamon.

Triscuits are Not Food, Never mind Acceptable Snacks

Triscuits are to crackers what black licorice is to candy.
The jig is up, people.

If There's a Fork in the Road, Throw It

Maybe it'll make them think twice about serving you Triscuits at snack time again.

If at First You Don't Succeed — Annoy

They'll cave eventually.
Trust us.

Crying When You're Sad Can Actually Make You Feel Better

And by better, we mean someone will probably give you a cookie to make you stop.

You Might as Well Ask For a Cookie for Lunch

Sooner or later they'll probably get all Bill Cosby on you and decide it might actually be healthy.
Or at least giving you one will make you stop asking.

(See If at First You Don't Succeed — Annoy)

If Something's In Your Way, Bust Through It

This includes the emotional wall built by newborn siblings between you and your parents.
Or, as it translates to adults: That pesky door that the people at the coffee shop insist on locking when they're not there.

Everything is Funnier When You're Naked

Don't take our word for it; go to the post office with nothing but your wallet and the best of intentions and see what happens.

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Look Very, Very Cute

We'll see who the real loser is after you have a few tantalizing tears in your eyes and your mouth is formed into an adorable little pout.

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