Thursday, April 18, 2013

Helping Kids Cope With Tragedies like The Boston Marathon Bombing

Our country suffered another gut wrenching tragedy today. The details are still unfolding, but what is unmistakeable is the pain and devastation that everyone is experiencing. My youngest was home with me when the bombings occurred. My initial instinct was to turn on the TV and soak up any information available, but I stopped myself, for her sake. My daughter didn’t need to be inundated with carnage, fear, and speculation. She didn’t need to be more afraid, because let’s face it, these days life is scary enough. Hours later when her older sister came home I could see that my decision was in fact a wise one, because unlike her younger sibling my eldest daughter had been fully exposed to the media coverage of the tragedy. She came home full of fear, anger, frustration and depression all inspired by the days’ events. It was too much. It is too much, for any child. Truth be told it’s too much for this adult too. Which is why I wanted to share with you seven things that I am doing to help all of my children cope with this and every public tragedy that crosses their life’s path in these turbulent and uncertain times. Hopefully they will help your family too..


Help Your Kids Cope With Tragedy

When tragedy takes place in the World it's easy to forget that in our zeal for information we can overwhelm our children. One parent to another i wanted to share 7 things that I am doing to keep my kids afloat in their childhood and not struggling in the deep end of adult misery.

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