Monday, April 29, 2013

“Mom Types” I Didn't Think I’d Be? Which are you?

I assume that as parents, we all sort of look at our lives as split into two distinct time frames – before kids, and after kids. And while I’m not saying I would ever choose one over the other (that’s not true — I’d go with the kids), they are arguably different. Before I had a son of my own, I spent a lot of time thinking and wondering about what kind of mom I would be. I had a lot of experience with kids, but I knew none of that translated into being an actual parent.

  • The Mom Who Drives A Car Covered In Cheerios
  • The Mom With An Instagram Feed Of 620 Baby Photos (and counting!)
  • The Mom Who’s Kid Is Addicted to the iPad
  • The Mom Who Buys Elmo Pajamas
  • The Mom Who Gets Up at 5:30am Voluntarily
  • The Mom Who Lets Her Son Get Really Messy
  • The Mom Who’s Kid Is Naked All The Time
  • The Mom Who Takes Her Son Out For Donuts
  • The Mom Who Has Learned to Slow Down and Celebrate Joy

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