Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bow craft Easter day: Review of Egg Hunt

Happy Easter to all!!

I took my kids to the Bow craft Easter Egg Hunt and I was very disappointed with how they did the hunt! Parents should have not  been let to get eggs. There were parents with buckets when i men buckets they were full to the top of eggs. Kids were crying, because people where trampling over them. This made me feel like I was at Walmart on Black Friday. My husband had to help a mother and her child who was pushed to the floor. How is that fun? They needed to plan the egg hunt better. They should have let just one parent go with a child or even just let a child go in alone with a bag. Something could have been planned better. The hunt would have been a lot more fun and better. Please next year organize it better!!!
The hour after the hunt was great!!!Pictures below!!!

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