Thursday, March 28, 2013


  1. “But, I thought you said he was SMART?!”
  2. He’ll grow out of that as he gets older.
  3. He looks like a human, though!
  4. Are u sure he’s not just shy?!
  5. “How do you do it?”
  6. You should really put him in a home.
  7. I don’t know if I want my kids around him, it might be contagious…
  8. “Oh he must only be a little bit autistic because someone knew someone with an autistic daughter and she used to take her clothes off”. … “There is nothing wrong with him”…
  9. “Working with animals cure autism”…
  10. “He’s just screaming because he wants his own way, He’s just crafty like that”
  11. After a meltdown in the shops one day everyone stood around staring… A woman came up to me and said that if she were the mother here she would have given her a severe hiding right then and there…I explained that she isn’t being naughty and that she’s having a meltdown because she’s autistic.. .The woman turned around with a surprised but also confused look on her face and said: “Oh, what art school are you sending her to..?”
  12. Just hold her tight and hug her.
  13. ‎”I work with autistics everyday and he’s not autistic”
  14. “If you were a better parent he wouldn’t act like he was raised by wolves”
  15. “You need to put your foot down and show him what’s what”
  16. “What did you do when you were pregnant?”
  17. “But he’s playing with everyone” My response, “no he is playing near them.”
  18. From my boy’s older 13yr old half-brother, “I wish I was like them.” Me: “What, why?” Him: “because you get to do what you want, when you want and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, like you can watch movies all day, and everyone does everything for you.”
  19. Stop cuddling him. He only acts that way because you let him.
  20. Your daughter is manipulative and has you wrapped around her finger.
  21. You poor thing….. he looks normal though.
  22. My EX in-laws: there ain’t nothing wrong with that boy that a switch can’t fix.
  23. My son’s father told a judge once I made my son Autistic so I could get money. The Judge nearly laughed while telling him nobody can be made Autistic it just happens to some people.
  24. I was asked if I had considered giving her up to a family who could take care of her better….. I guess they thought autism was something you could know about when you were pregnant or something.
  25. Make him eat what you fix and stop giving in to his whining.
  26. My grandmother had seen Rain Man and she was always trying to get my boy to tell her the winning numbers for the lottery. :-)
  27. “Oh so he’s autistic… so that means he’s a retard and will never go to a normal school”
  28. My ex-boss, after telling me that I couldn’t have time off to take my son to social skills therapy: “I completely understand what you’re going through! My son is dyslexic!”
  29. Do you really think you should have her out in public because people can be so mean??? My response: Oh you mean people like you?
  30. A school principal once said to me that my son was not autistic and that he behaved the way he did because he is an only child in a single parent household. When I calmly replied that I felt there was more going on, she repeated herself. So did I. And she repeated it two more times before she realized I was going to keep repeating my response as well. Oh the arrogance!
  31. Recently my boy introduced himself to a relief teacher at the start of a day and asked if he knew about autism. The relief teacher said, “Yes, and you don’t have it.” What a brilliant way to build a bond with a student.
  32. They ask me, so what’s his special gift? Depending on my mood I either explain he is not a savant or I tell them its eating paper.
  33. “I’m so sorry. I saw that on TV. Does he bang his head into walls?”
  34. ‎’If you didn’t go to the doctors complaining about him not talking they wouldn’t have told you that. That’s something doctors tell parents to get them off their case’
  35. ‘Well you better not have any more then.’
  36. ‘They should have told you while you were pregnant so you could have aborted.’
  37.  ’Too bad because he’s so cute.’
  38. “Give him to me for a week. I guarantee that he won’t come back the same.”
  39.  My daughter does exactly what your girl does (kicking/flapping/meltdowns/not responding etc. so your girl is “normal”. It so happened that that particular day I was up to my neck so I simply retorted “If your girl acts like my girl, then she’s autistic too and you should take her to a doctor”. That shut her up for good.
  40. She needs to be around more kids her age..
  41. When I told my 9 year old neice she explained ”oooo I know how Jake became autistic…cause he accidentally drank from grandpa’s liquor once!!!” hahahahaha bless her lil heart! ♥
  42. I overheard someone say >>>>” I wonder what sin the mother committed to have God punish her like this with a child like that”…
  43. You are just a bad parent and want to live off the system.
  44. “Oh is that all” that’s nothing my nephew has that and it’s nothing.
  45. It’s because you don’t go to church…
  46. A couple of days ago a repairman was @ my house and of course asked me why my son was not in school. I told him he is homeschooled because of his autism and he replied ” Yeah, everyone has that now days’!
  47. School counselor: He makes eye contact and socializes well, knows his name, so no your child was overly diagnosed by his Drs.
  48. ”The devil appears in many forms.” I was so taken aback and speechless. It wasn’t until I walked away when it dawned on me that I shoulda knocked her lights out! Just saying’…
  49. If he’s autistic why is he learning so much?
  50. Really! She sure talks a lot.
  51. Awe, everyone is getting that. I hope he gets to feeling better.” {0_o}
  52. So is he really good at math?
  53. It’s because you let him watch too much TV when he was little.
  54. You should have her sterilized so she cannot reproduce another child like her. From a family member.
  55. ‎”Everyone has autism now. It’s the new ADD – just a trend.”
  56. Oh you poor thing I saw ‘Rainman.’ I know what you’re going to be going through!
  57. How did he get that disease?
  58. She’s never going to be a functioning member of society. “She needs to be put in a home”.
  59. “What caused it? The shots, I think so… Oh great I just gave my daughter her shots now she’s going to be “retarded”.
  60. “I never would have guessed, just thought she was bad”
This list was compiled from responses submitted on our Facebook page at Single Mothers who have Children with Autism 

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